How we used design to build strong communities.

ALAB and Buhay Movement

Research & Strategy, Branding, Campaign Design


With ALAB, an artist collective, we co-launched Buhay Movement, a campaign for the celebration of life, and of the work being done to protect and preserve quality of life.

Through Buhay, we worked to bring together mental health advocates and professionals to change attitudes and start healthy discussions about mental illness and suicide prevention. Our goal with starting the movement was to energize and gather the different communities working in and around the sector.

We launched the movement with an exhibit that featured mental health advocates, representatives from different government agencies, and private organizations that promote suicide prevention and mental health awareness.


Over the course of a few weeks, we brought together over 200 advocates around Buhay’s brand, message, & values. This community became the jumping point for the campaign and the subsequent growth of the movement.

Critical to the building of this community was 1) an understanding of the values that animated the community and 2) clear messaging that built upon these values as well as the values of the organization. These insights were built through the interviews and FGDs we conducted with the various stakeholders

We used visuals, stories, and words that would resonate with the target audience in order to build a base of volunteers and professionals around the Buhay brand.


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