How we used design to improve community engagement.

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Ikaayong Lawas Mo, Sabat Ko!

Research & Strategy, Campaign Design


The “Ikaayong Lawas Mo, Sabat Ko!” program is a health program run by Seaoil Foundation in Barangay Dos, Bacolod. The program serves senior citizens in the communities, providing free checkups to the residents and skills training for the Barangay Health Team.

We created metrics to measure the progress of the program and how invested the community was in the program’s direction and growth. For this we conducted in-depth interviews with community members, Barangay Health Workers and the Kagawad.


We also created an interactive bulletin board that sought to bridge the gaps in engagement mechanisms surfaced during our research. Our goal was to create a platform that the community felt like they owned, one that they would freely interact with and make adjustments to and at the same time could be used to gather further insights and build co-ownership of the program. To achieve this, we designed the board to encourage interaction and used simple, editable components that could be easily rearranged. 


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